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,,Public relations is such an important part of doing business today. You need to be constantly talking about what you do, how you can help.That way your business and brand stays top of mind and you stay at the front of your rivals.,,

Georgina McGuinness - Director

Georgina McGuinness

For 25 years, Georgina McGuinness presented Adelaide's premier Weekend News bulletin on Channel 9.

Away from the news desk, she was also a senior journalist, sub-editor, producer and documentary presenter.

More recently, Georgina has been a speech writer and senior communications adviser in State politics.

This unique background has allowed her to establish a wealth of experience and expertise in communication and publicity, branding and presentation.

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Assisting Georgina from time to time will be her unrivalled access to arguably the best cameraman, photographers and editors in town.

Georgina McGuinnessDirector

Nick FrazerCameraman / Editor

Steven WebbCameraman / Editor

Simon StanburyPhotographer

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